Achieving the Home Business Mind-Set

One of the hardest things for many, who have spent their lives working a job and have decided to start their own home business, is to get out of the “worker” mindset and into that of an entrepreneur. Face it, we’ve been indoctrinated all our lives to “work hard,” “go to school,” “find a good job with security.” That’s the recipe that we got first from our parents, then our teachers and it’s then you’re further reminded of it by employers, who like to frequently remind you to keep your nose to the grindstone so as not to jeopardize “what you have.” But, just what do you have working for someone else?

Today’s Reality

Look around. Good people who have followed the advice above are losing jobs, homes and life savings at an alarming rate as the economy of the United States teeters on the brink. What about those who have already entered their “Golden Years” and are now finding out that the economic crisis has devastated the savings they thought would be enough to carry them through the rest of their lives? These are all people who played by the “rules” that had been laid out to them all their lives and are now finding out that nothing was guaranteed. Yet, many businesses are recording record profits.

A Shift in Thinking

We’ve all heard it from a boss at one point or another, “Come on, time is money!” What they mean is, “You taking too much time is costing me money!” The longer it takes you to get something done, the longer it takes for the company you work for to convert your efforts into money. You, on the other hand, are most likely being paid a set salary, for a set number of hours and have little incentive to work harder, except for the threat of having your income taken away.

1. As a home business owner, the first mindset change that you should look to achieve is to think not in terms of “Time is Money”, but rather “Money is Time!” When you have a successful home business, you will have invested time upfront for an income that will pay you over and over for that work and provide you with the kind of time freedom that you can only dream of as a traditional employee. Having a residual income that comes in week after week, for the work you’ve already done, is a powerful benefit of owning a home business and it will allow you time to enjoy family, friends and hobbies, as most successful home business owners only work a few hours a day and then have the rest for themselves.

2. Second on your list of mind shifts should be what most people envision when they think of being a business owner. They see a brick and mortar building, hundreds of thousands for start-up costs, thousands more each month for overhead, employee headaches, etc. I see no difference between being tied to that type of business to being a traditional employee, as both are slaves, just too different masters. You need to picture in your mind a business whose cost could honestly be funded with one good yard sale of stuff you no longer use, has over head that is tied to products you will be using on a monthly basis (or sharing with others) and can quickly be paid for by the initial income of the business. Most importantly, you want a business that can be done from virtually anywhere you have access to a phone and internet connection and not one that forces you to leave home or give up vacations to oversee.

3. Finally, you want to picture a business that will eventually allow you to walk away knowing it will run on autopilot, providing you with income on a weekly basis, while you enjoy life.

To the traditional worker, or even traditional business owner, the points outlined above are far removed from the mindset that they have been taught to embrace. But, for millions that have discovered the power that a home business provides, put in the work needed to change that mindset and learn the skill set needed to be successful, it is simply the best decision they ever made. Those that succeed in changing the picture of the world of work and business that they were taught to embrace, have found that money can buy you the most important commodity you can have, time. Time is something we can never get back. Unfortunately, you hear all the time about people who had to miss key events in the lives of their family for the sake of work. Imagine if you never had to make the choice between work and family again, and it was just a mind-set change away.


Owning your own home business requires a major shift in the way you think about work. Those that are able to successfully make the move from being an employee to sharing their home business and its opportunity to others, would never go back. You owe it to yourself to at least explore if owning your own home business is right for you.